Hidden Inspirations Handmade Paintings with a Hidden Inspirational Message within the Design

About Hidden Inspirations

  All Hidden Inspirations are handmade. Each piece contains an inspirational word or phrase hidden inside a unique design. View the Design Key page if you need help finding the words within the design. 

No two painted backgrounds are exactly the same, however the same color scheme can be used to create additional paintings if you are interested in a custom order. Surfaces available for custom orders include wooden plaques, mirrors, glass, matted canvas or acrylic paper (ready for framing ) and canvas. If there is a surface that is not offered here please contact us and we will do our best to create a Hidden Inspiration on it for you! 

About The Artist

I have found that a big piece to the puzzle of life is inspiration. Once we discover what it is that inspires us, all that is needed is to have faith, follow our hearts and believe that anything is possible! I started creating these designs to remind myself of just that. My hope is that others will be inspired to follow their hearts and to never give up on their dreams.  

   If your looking for an even more personal gift, please visit www.RobynsArtandSoul.com to view examples of my 
custom pastel portraits. 

  Thank You For Visiting!
Robyn Murphy